Independent Voice

on Houston City Council

Putting Houston first. Answering only to the voters.


Putting Houston first. Answering only to the voters.

Your Independent Voice

"Like you, I’m tired of watching core city services like public safety, city streets, traffic and drainage continually take a back seat to politics as usual at city hall. I’m running to be your independent voice on City Council. To ensure Houston thrives and remains a world class city for generations to come, we must put these issues front and center. I will answer to no one except the voters who elect me."

Emily Muñoz Detoto

For City Council At-Large #2

Ready To Fight For You


Our city needs to do more to prevent another Hurricane Harvey. It seems that if it rains, it floods, and that shouldn't happen in a world class city like Houston.

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I would like to see our city hire more police officers so that we can adopt a pro-active policy of policing. Our officers are over-worked and under staffed and they deserve the best resources our city has to offer. These brave men and women work hard to keep our city safe, but they can only do so much.

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We need to make sure our trash is picked up on time every time. And we can never again allow 2.6 million pounds of recycling to end up in a landfill. That is a breach of trust and should have never happened.

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We need to fix the potholes and make our streets and roads safe and drive-able. We are a world class city with a crumbling infrastructure.

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Houston voters decided that our firefighters deserved a raise. It is my desire that the city and the fire department work together to find a solution that honors the will of the voters. We must respect the brave men and women who put their lives on the line every single day.

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